Amazon Household: Share Your Prime Subscription

Amazon Household: Share Your Prime Subscription in Easy Steps 

An Amazon Prime subscription might be the most value-adding service to get for your everyday life. The e-commerce giant has so much to offer that the subscription now feels like the need of the hour. Whether you want groceries, online entertainment, shopping, or fast delivery. One subscription can sort all that out for you. Moreover, the deals and amazing discounts are sometimes too good to be true. You can get stuff at mind-blowing prices with same-day delivery as well. 

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So, you can enjoy so much comfort and convenience with your Amazon Prime subscription. And if you have a reliable internet connection like Spectrum internet deals, your online shopping experience will change forever. However, the subscription isn’t free and it is possible to share one account with friends and family without paying anything extra. 

What Is Amazon Household? 

It is possible to share your Amazon account with the Household feature. No matter where your family members or friends reside, they can benefit from your Amazon account. You can share Prime benefits and content from the Digital Library across your list of trusted contacts. You can add these people to your Amazon Household: 
Up to four children 
Up to two adults (18 and above) 
Up to four teens (13 to 17) 

The children you add can access the Digital Library with parental guidance tools. However, they won’t be able to shop on Amazon on their own. Teens can have access to buy things and stream online content by informing their parents. Whereas, whereas adults have full access to all Prime benefits and have their own separate accounts. 
You can also share same-day delivery over all your shared Amazon accounts as well. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people get Amazon Prime subscriptions. Moreover, all the shared accounts can have separate access so you can track all the activity separately as well. This can be great if you are sharing payment methods as well and want to find out which account was charged. 

What Are the Shared Benefits? 

Some Prime benefits like next-day delivery and Prime Video are added by default to all accounts that you share your details with. However, you can choose to add more digital content as you wish for each account separately. For instance, you may choose to give them access to Amazon eBook or in-app purchases. 
If you are setting it up for an adult with full access, here are the benefits that you can share. 
One-day and same-day delivery. 
Prime Video streaming access for unlimited hours of movies and TV shows. 
Share books, games, and other apps through a Family Library with teens or adults. 
Prime Reading access to unlimited books and magazines. 
Early access to Lightning Deals 
Discounts on baby diapers and food with Amazon Family 

How Can You Share Your Amazon Prime Subscription? 

Now that you know how convenient it is, it is time to talk about how to share your Prime benefits with others. You simply have to add people to your Amazon Household and give them access. The age of the person you add will automatically decide which features they will have access to.  

Here is what you will need to do: 
Go to the Amazon Household homepage. 
Sign in to your Amazon account. 
Follow the on-screen instructions. 
Enter the credentials (name and email address) of the person you want to share your account       with.  
Allow them to share your wallet with them. 
Select the digital content from the library that you want to share with them. Select None if you  don’t want to share any. 
Send them an invitation via email. 
The invited person will have to follow the email link and the on-screen instructions that follow to complete the setup. 
Amazon Prime access is immediately available after completing all the steps. 

Details to Consider Before Sharing Access 

It is important to understand that Amazon Household shared access is designed only for close friends and family members. You will have to allow access to bank cards and other payment details across the board. So, it is vital that you only give access to people you trust. Otherwise, you can be a victim of bank detail theft and fraud. 
Another significant thing to note is that the people you add to the account can also share their benefits and bank card details with you. So, all the credit/debit cards on any of the accounts will show up for all. The email invite link is only valid for 14 days and the invitee has to accept it before it expires. 


Amazon Prime subscriptions can add a lot of value because it covers almost every walk of life. Sharing your account comes at no additional price and your whole family can enjoy the same benefits.
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Author : Venessa Cade]

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