8 Amazing Things You Should Know About Marvel Characters

8 Amazing Things You Should Know About Marvel Characters

The Avengers, Spider-Man, or any of the other beloved Marvel characters, there’s something here that’s sure to blow your mind

Thor’s weakness is the only substance in the world that can harm him, called Uru metal and Captain America's shield is made from uru metal.

Dr. Strange's weakness is that he must protect the Earth dimension as well as other dimensions; otherwise he becomes too depleted to use his magic.

Iron Man has one major weakness - water. If exposed to water, his suit will short-circuit and can't generate enough energy to sustain flight or fly

The weakness of Spiderman is that he can be hurt by anything that his organic tissue would dissolve or break down.

Hulk's weakness to gamma radiation makes him more vulnerable to high-powered electric energy, as it acts in a similar way to his own energy and wipes him out quicker.

Captain America's weakness is concentrated solar radiation. His shield is also a magnet, which will cause any nearby metal to fly towards him.

Black Widow's weakness is she has to wear the widows' bite on her wrist, or she will lose consciousness.

If Antman takes too much time shifting size, his molecules can be displaced and his powers might malfunction.